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New Agenda - Executive Function Coaching

Do ADHD and Executive Dysfunction disrupt your life ?

We are on a mission to empower individuals with executive function challenges.
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The research is clear...

Executive Function Coaching transforms challenges into achievement through direct individualized support, tailored to what YOU NEED and when YOU NEED it.


NEW AGENDA is a research-based executive function coaching practice for ages 9 – 99. We offer the plan, program, and instruction for how to cultivate healthy independent routines that support prioritization, focus, time management and problem solving.

How We Help
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Are you or your family member
Unorganized Distracted Impulsive a Procrastinator Inflexible Forgetful ?

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds of experiences.  Their common strand is that they are not meeting their potential to achieve.

We are here for you, supporting a New Agenda for:

Greater independence

Improved motivation

Better time management

Organization and efficiency

Improved focus and prioritization

Problem-solving strategies


Who We Help

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As a parent are you concerned:

As a student you are stuck:

Strong Executive Function skills lead to higher performance. Research has proven that Executive Function Coaching improves EF Skills and has life-long benefits for children, teens, and college students.

New Agenda helps with:

  • Prioritzing
  • Planning
  • Tasking Initiation
  • Managing Time

  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Impulse Control
  • Accountability

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Regulation
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Growth Mindset

Are you a parent of a:


Your child’s emotions and challenges become yours.

The preteen stage (ages 9-12 years) is a critical period for developing the foundation for Executive Function skills.


Parents and teachers may notice:

Behavior or emotional management challenges: Your student is impulsive,  frustrated and/or reactive;  has difficulty transitioning into ‘work-mode’ and/or persevering through tasks; cannot resist electronic distractions.School challenges: Your student struggles to start or complete assignments;  assignments are missing or incomplete; test performance does not reflect ability; careless errors are a pattern of concern; persistence with work is difficult.Organizational challenges: Your student has difficulty organizing personal spaces including their room, their desk at school or home, backpack, binders, or equipment bags for sports/activities.   Items are lost or forgotten; completed work is not turned in.  Multi-step directions for assignments and projects are difficult to break down and follow.Time management challenges: Your student had difficulty creating a plan to work on homework, projects, and studying; work is sometimes left until the last minute. Self-care challenges: Your student struggles with initiating or completing morning and evening routines related to grooming and hygiene.Household challenges: Your student resists or avoids initiating or completing chores and other household responsibilities. Household chores completed are lacking in quality or efficiency.


New Agenda’s EF Coaches support students by helping them find balance with responsibilities and privileges, developing a tool-box of customized strategies for accountability and success.


The teen stage (ages 13-18 years) continues with the evolution of Executive Function Skills to support independence and decision making as a young adult.  

Parents and teachers may notice: 

Behavior or emotional management challenges: Your student is impulsive,  irritable and/or reactive; has difficulty transitioning into ‘work-mode’ and/or persevering through tasks; cannot resist electronic distractions.  School challenges: Your student struggles to start or complete assignments;  assignments are missing or incomplete; test performance does not reflect ability; careless errors are a pattern of concern; persistence with work is difficult.  Organizational challenges: Your student has difficulty organizing personal spaces. Items are lost or forgotten; completed work is not turned in. Multi-step directions for assignments and projects are difficult to break down and follow. Tracking assignment due dates is difficult.  Time management challenges: Your student procrastinates and/or has difficulty creating a plan to work on homework, projects, and studying. Independently tracking schedules for after school activities and managing associated responsibilities is a challenge. Difficulty exists with the management of unstructured time including balancing responsibilities with ‘down time’.Personal Wellness challenges: Your student struggles with consistently initiating or completing routines related to grooming and hygiene. A poor sleep-wake cycle may exist.  Your student is having difficulty moving towards independently managing medication. Poor nutrition habits may be developing or present, management of physical exercise is inconsistent, money management may be challenging. Your student is unsure or disengaged with post-high school goals/ planning.Household challenges: Your student resists or avoids initiating or completing chores and other household responsibilities. Household chores completed are lacking in quality or efficiency. Your student is struggling to learn or engage in basic household chores such as laundry, proper cleaning and sanitizing, and meal management.


New Agenda’s EF Coaches support students by helping them find balance with responsibilities and privileges, developing a tool-box of customized strategies for motivation, planning, accountability and success, leading to greater independence and life-long strategies.


College is a mixture of opportunity and excitement! Yet responsibly learning to manage the unstructured time, independent living, and social life, is difficult especially with EF challenges. College can feel isolating or overwhelming, leaving the student left questioning decisions and capabilities. New Agenda provides college students with support, tools, and techniques as they learn to manage independence at this stage.  

As a college student you (or parents) may notice:

Organizational challenges: The student has difficulty organizing class materials, may lose assignments and struggle managing due dates, and may need assistance with how to break down writing assignments or long-term projectsEmotional regulation challenges: The student may not know how to manage stress in the college environment, may have difficulty resisting online or social distractions and has difficulty starting assignments and persisting with challenging tasksTime management challenges: The student procrastinates, maybe overscheduled and overwhelmed, and may not know how to maintain a work schedule with school life.Academic challenges: The student lack the study skills necessary to be effective on tests, may turn in late assignments, may not know how to take notes, may have inconsistent attendance in classSelf-care challenges: The student does not have a routine for physical activity, adequate sleep, or nutritional habits. Medication management is inconsistent. The student may have difficulty making social connections or may be spending too much time with friends.


New Agenda’s EF Coaches support college students by helping them build independence and confidence by developing a tool-box of customized strategies for motivation, planning, accountability and success, leading to success and life-long strategies. College students with ADHD are more likely to stay in college and succeed with EF Coaching.



Your self-management affects you, and everyone around you. Your struggles seem to define each day. EF challenges are not ‘outgrown’ once you become an adult. As life changes and demands increase, we need to adjust our strategies and approach.

Research has demonstrated that Executive Function Coaching supports Adults with ADHD as they work to manage launching their career and career demands, family obligations, and household responsibilities.

New Agenda helps you find the NEW APPROACH with these changes.

These are areas our EF Coaches support:

Time Management


Home Management

Workplace Navigation

Social and Leisure

Health and Wellness

Personal Goal Setting

As an adult do you have concerns about your Executive Functioning? Click here to learn more.


The Exceptional

Supporting your Exceptional family member is a life-time commitment.

Each new day brings new expectations and application of familiar information in a new way.

NEW AGENDA partners with families in bridging life skills and independence through executive function support for individuals with: 

  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism (ASD)
  • Down Syndrome
  • Developmentally Delayed (DD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Other Health Impairment (OHI)


Our support includes: 

  • Help adapt-the environment and learning approach
  • Engage through motivating the individual with understanding and goals
  • Learn–the functional skills in the real-time setting
  • Promote success with outcomes that create meaning for the individual and the family


New Agenda’s Coaches support life skills goals bridging learned, foundational skills with EF strategies. Support includes developing a toolbox of customized strategies to aid focus, memory, accountability, motivation, and planning, leading to greater independence.



Caring for an ill or aging loved one can be overwhelming.  With aging, needs change.

The decline in Executive Function Skills with generalized aging, vision or hearing loss, stroke, or early stages of dementia, can look different depending on what your family member is experiencing.

Often these changes bring a NEW AGENDA to your family. For our families supporting senior citizens, adaptations and engagement foster happiness and maximize independence.

We are here to help the caregivers. Click here for more information on services we provide for caregivers.

Caregiver 2

Parents / Caregivers

When parents and caregivers are struggling, your child struggles as well.

The demands of parenting a child with EF Challenges are overwhelming, and can create exhaustion and reactive parenting.

New Agenda is here for parents and caregivers offering:


  • Through coaching you will gain practical and individual techniques to help your child for a focused issue or goal.
  • Professional insight is provided to guide direction and address executive function concerns.


  • Assistance with creating visual systems and organization of space for greater fluency with routines including task initiation and completion.
  • Support with ordering and setting up materials and supplies to optimize Executive Function skills, including time management, prioritization, organization, regulation, and focus.
  • Create customized, adaptive supports based on your student’s individualized learning needs.
  • Orientation and training for parents/nannies/caregivers with supports and strategies, as needed.
  • Consultation with your contracted HOME BUILDER and/or INTERIOR DESIGNER to guide a home for individuals with EF challenges.


  • THE RIPPLE EFFECT is a FREE webinar series to support parents. Click here to see our upcoming sessions. Interested in joining a webinar? Click here to get started!
  • EMPOWER WORKSHOPS: 2-part, web-based workshops to help parents/family members with EF challenges. Click here to see our upcoming workshop schedule. Interested in taking an Empower Workshop? Click here to fill out our form and someone from our team will be in touch to complete your registration.

How We Help

We help students and adults achieve their goals.

Many students and adults have difficulty managing their work demands and daily routines. Consequently, it creates cycles of frustration, stress, procrastination, and ultimate withdrawal of effort and abandonment of the tasks at hand.


What is Executive Function?

Executive functioning refers to a set of cognitive skills and processes that help individuals manage and regulate their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to achieve specific goals or tasks. Executive Function is what your brain is doing when you are getting stuff done.


What is EF Coaching?

At New Agenda, we use a relationship-based approach to support learning and practicing organizational strategies in academics, career, and lifestyle management (life skills). We partner with you to guide success.

How We Work With Students


Your coach wants to get to know you! During the check-in process, your coach will allow time for reflection about the previous week.

Review of Weekly Goals

Your coach will review your previous session and note your successes and/or struggles.

Prioritize the Session

Based on your needs, your coach will formulate a plan to build a foundation for this week’s learning.

Skill Building

During this step, you will practice the skills you need in order to achieve your goals.

Establish Plan for Upcoming Week

Together, you and your coach will come up with a detailed action plan for the week.

Mid-week Follow Up

Don’t worry! Your coach will check in on you to offer support and encouragement during the week.

Are you trying to understand the difference between Executive Function Coaching and tutoring?

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Plans, Services & Workshops

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Coaching Plans

Onboarding (required for coaching plans)

Developmental Plan
Advancement Plan
Once a Week
Twice a Week

Developmental Plan

Weekly 60 minute 1:1 session on-site
$ 145
60 min session once per week
  • Onboarding Required
  • Hands-on support; we come to you
  • Applicable for students and young adults with various learning challenges which impact executive function skills
  • Messaging check-ins to monitor progress
  • Goal monitoring
  • Individualized and practical strategies
  • Customized visual and organizational supports based on personal goals
  • Parent feedback included in the on-site session.

Advancement Plan

Weekly 45 minute 1:1 session online (virtual)
$ 100
per 45 min session
  • Onboarding Required
  • For individuals who are goal driven, internally motivated, responsible with electronics, and comfortable meeting online
  • Messaging check-ins to monitor progress
  • Goal monitoring
  • Individualized and practical strategies
  • Customized supports based on student goals
  • Session notes available after each session
  • Parent check-ins available at session rate
Once a Week
Twice a Week

Advancement Plan

Weekly 45 minute 1:1 session online (virtual)
$ 100
per 45 min session
  • Onboarding Required
  • For individuals who are goal driven, internally motivated, responsible with electronics, and comfortable meeting online
  • Messaging check-ins to monitor progress
  • Goal monitoring
  • Individualized and practical strategies
  • Customized supports based on student goals
  • Session notes available after each session
  • Parent check-ins available at session rate

College Success Plans

Available At:

Academic Alliance


per semester (includes 12 weeks)

Academic Alliance is a peer-led, weekly 2-hour academic support group to encourage organizational and planning skills as related to coursework requirements.  

  • One-Time $50 Registration
  • Peer-led academic support group for 16 weeks
  • Weekly 2 hour on-campus group meetings designated for:
    • Check-in with grades
    • Planning for upcoming assignments
    • Study plan development and study time based on assessment schedule
    • Coursework completion
  • Prioritization, organization, and planning skills are supported.
  • Peer mentorship available to guide study habits and time management
  • Fosters a sense of community
  • Weekly student-generated tracking form (Grades / Assignments / Tests / Considerations) for self-accountability
  • Personalized reminder of sessions via TutorBird
  • Attendance tracking on TutorBird

Academic Achievement Bundle


(10% discount; $185 savings) Semester/12 week plan

  • Individualized On-Boarding to determine specific needs and set personal goals
  • 12 weeks of 1:1 weekly virtual coaching with New Agenda Executive Function Coach to support:
    • Goal monitoring
    • Growth mindset approach
    • Individualized and practical strategies
    • Customized supports based on student’s needs and goals
    • Messaging check-in to monitor progress
    • Session notes available after each session
    • Focus on academic success, emotional regulation, and overall health and wellness
    • Guidance with balancing academics, social engagement, work, and well-being
    • Support with social-relational development and engagement at the college level
    • Additional sessions may be added at regular session rate
  • Participation in Academic Alliance (a peer-led, weekly 2 hour academic support group that encourages organizational and planning skills as related to coursework requirements, and provides a peer-led focused time for work completion)

Parent / Caregiver Services


60 minute 1:1 session online (virtual)
$ 125
per 60 min session
  • $50 initial registration
  • 60 minute in a 1:1 online (virtual) session with a coach
  • Professional insight to guide direction and address executive function concerns
  • Practical and individual strategies for a focused issue or goal
  • No commitment required
  • Session notes available after each session
  • Fits best for parents/caregivers needing trouble-shooting with specific concerns
45 Minutes
2 Hours

Home Organization

45 minute 1:1 session on-site
$ 125
per 45 min session
  • Initial session is 45 minutes to assess needs and initiate a plan.
  • Further sessions may be scheduled as needed in 45 minute or 2 hour time periods.
  • Customized per family need.
  • Session(s) are to support organization and systems development.
  • Help to guide your family member with organization of space, time management, and memory support for daily tasks.
  • Assistance with ordering materials and supplies to support optimized EF skills.
  • Creation of customized adaptive supports.
  • Technology adaptations
  • Orientation training with supports and strategies for caregiver and/or client, as needed.
  • Consultation with Homebuilders and/or Interior Designers to guide a home for individuals with EF challenges.

Parent Workshops

The Ripple Effect

A FREE webinar series to support parents. Each webinar will include 40 minutes of information sharing on the topic, with a 10-minute Q/A period via submitted questions.

Empower Workshops

A 2-part, web-based workshop to support parents and caregivers in understanding and developing strategies for their family members. There is a fee of $49.99 per class for these workshops.

Who We Are

Maria DelCorso

Maria P DelCorso, MA, CCC-SLP


Maria P. DelCorso, MA, CCC-SLP (Formerly known as Maria P. DelCorso Zanetti) offers more than 30 years of experience and expertise with toddlers, children, youth, and teens, as well as families, through non-profits, university, hospital, school, and early intervention work, as well as her private practice, RVA Pediatric Therapy & Consulting. She takes great pride in her volunteer work to support children, families, and communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

For 20+ years, “Miss Maria” as she is known by the children and families, has practiced in the Richmond, VA community, offering expertise and support to the professional community and families, focusing on the evaluation and treatment of toddlers, children, youth, and teens.

Miss Maria is licensed and nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in speech-language pathology from James Madison University, and her Master’s Degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Northern Colorado. In addition, she has specialized training in developmental pediatrics and neurodevelopmental disabilities through Johns Hopkins University/Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Miss Maria has extensive experience and expertise in working with Executive Function (EF) Disorders through her work with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and communication disorders with behavioral and mental health needs. In addition, partnering with parents and schools has been an integral component of her work, to guide success for children and their families. As such Miss Maria developed an organizational approach for systems, as well as an instructional approach for learning and strategies, to generate functional meaningful change. Through her work as a pediatric SLP, Miss Maria realized the need for an on-site coaching model to support individuals (students, young adults, families, and seniors) affected by EF challenges during different stages of their lives. NEW AGENDA was created with Amie Davies, with that mission to support a NEW AGENDA for those impacted or challenged in given moments/situations with EF Challenges.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Miss Maria is a mom and ‘Nonna’, who loves spending time with her family. She is also an avid adventurer who has a passion for the outdoors.

Amie Davies, M.Ed.


Amie received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is a Virginia-licensed teacher in the areas of Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, English, and English as a Second Language. After graduation, Amie taught as a special education teacher in the public school system for 18 years. Over the years, she has worked with students from Kindergarten through 12th grade which has given Amie the insight to create age and developmentally appropriate activities for students of all ages. Amie has experience with a wide range of disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Function Disorders, Emotional Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Other Health Impairment, Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia.

After leaving the classroom, Amie worked as a private special education teacher, tutor, and consultant, helping many clients learn strategies and routines that foster greater independence and success. She uses a variety of hands-on, multisensory programs such as Math-U-See, TouchMath, Orton Gillingham Reading and Math, Wilson Reading System, and Step Up to Writing.

While working with students who have executive function challenges, the need for direct instruction in these areas became apparent. Frustrated parents and students were trying to keep up with the demands of an increasing workload in school with no real relief in sight. Students were dependent on their families to keep them on track. This often led to frequent arguments and meltdowns. Students needed to learn the self-regulation skills necessary to monitor their own learning and progress and generalize the skills in a variety of settings. It is with these beliefs that the idea of NEW AGENDA was born. As a collaborative effort, Maria DelCorso and Amie are working in partnership with families to foster independence in clients with executive function challenges.

When she is not working, you will most likely find Amie in the woods on a hiking trail or getting her vitamin-sea at the beach. She is a wife, mom to two grown children, and lover of all animals.

Our Coaches

New Agenda was created to support the real-life, real-time needs of students, young adults, parents, and seniors to guide independence and success with their day-to-day challenges. We support children, young adults, parents, and seniors with executive function challenges through partnerships and specialized techniques.

Our coaches are specialists in the field of Executive Function. They include professionals with expertise in special education and learning, counseling, and therapy. Working through EF challenges to help others fulfill their potential is their passion!

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for talented, passionate coaches to join the New Agenda team. Click the button below to fill out our Coaching Application.

Briana Duclos

Briana Duclos


Briana “Bree” Duclos has a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from the University of California Davis. She has experience leading neurodivergent minds across varying socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures.

Bree understands the struggles that come with ADHD and has seen the life-changing benefits of executive functioning coaching. Through her years of study and personal experience, she tailors her coaching to each individual’s unique strengths and needs, so clients can achieve their goals with confidence and purpose. With an emphasis on self-empowerment and resilience strategies, she creates a non-judgemental space for clients to thrive and grow.

Bree and her husband love to visit Staunton, VA for hiking, fresh air, and wonderful Shakespeare plays. When she is not working, you can find her reading, playing board games, and doing puzzles.

Oldson Duclos

Oldson Duclos


Oldson Duclos holds three college degrees including a Bachelor’s in Counseling and a Master of Divinity. He has served in a variety of contexts providing pastoral care and leadership. He has extensive training in strength-based assessments and enjoys helping people discern their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. As a coach, you can expect Oldson to be committed to nurturing your development by offering guidance, support, and inspiration to exceed your own expectations. Oldson is energized by working on problems together to find sustainable solutions in the areas of education, career, relationships, and self-leadership. He has spent the last five years honing his ability to recognize and address executive function struggles through practical and relational interventions.

He also enjoys an eclectic taste in food and music, and is filled by going deep in conversations or deep into the woods on a hike. He and his wife Bree are committed to hospitality, loving people well, and new adventures.

Aaron Dunbar

Aaron Dunbar


Aaron Dunbar received his Bachelor degree in Secondary English Education, Secondary Special Education, and English from Marshall University in 2015, and his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Virginia Tech in 2021. Before Aaron began teaching he worked at a daycare for 5 years and a boys home for teenagers. He has worked as a Special Education teacher for 8 years and a Coordinator of Special Education for one year. Aaron has mostly been at the Elementary level working with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Function Disorders, Emotional Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Other Health Impairments. He currently works as a Middle School Special Education teacher in Chesterfield county.

Aaron loves working with students and families to help them find systems that best work so they can be successful at school, work, and at home. He enjoys making things fun, while also being realistic about what is doable day in and day out. TEAM is important to Aaron and making sure that everyone is on the same page is what he is aiming to do as a coach.

In Aaron’s off time, he enjoys being with his wife, daughter, and dog. He finds joy working outside in the yard, working out at the gym, and watching basketball.

Meghan Hess

Meghan Hess


Meghan holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and special education and a Master’s degree in educational leadership from James Madison University. She has over 19 years of experience in education in various specialties including special education and middle school language arts, as well as school administration in both private and public school settings.

Meghan’s experience includes working with students with ADHD, learning and emotional disabilities, executive functioning and processing disorders as well as students with ASD. Meghan skillfully helps individuals gain perspective and create systems to chart a path forward. She is passionate about environments that engage each individual and make learning accessible to all. Meghan believes that relationships are integral to individual and team growth.

Meghan enjoys exercise, reading, live music and spending time outside, especially at the beach and in the mountains. Most of all she loves time with her husband, three children and two dogs.

Susan Kim

Susan Kim


Susan holds a Bachelor’s in Chinese Language and Literature from Middlebury College and a Master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Pennsylvania State University. Before starting her graduate program, she volunteered at an aphasia center and worked at a nonprofit museum, tutoring center, and children’s mental health clinic, gaining insights into diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Susan began her SLP career with a clinical fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute as a LEND trainee, receiving specialized training in developmental pediatrics and neurodevelopmental disabilities. She has worked as an SLP across four states (MD, MA, SD, VA) in hospitals, outpatient clinics, a specialty school, and early intervention. Additionally, she received ADOS training as part of a multidisciplinary Autism Diagnostic team.

Susan is passionate about alleviating the struggles of neurodivergent individuals, especially regarding executive functioning as supports fade and expectations rise into adulthood. Susan aims to be an empathetic cheerleader for individuals of all ages, helping them see their potential and achieve their goals. Outside of work, Susan loves spending time with her son, husband, and dog. She also enjoys exploring new foods, and learning new languages.

Gwyn Koenig

Gwyn Koenig


Gwyn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Illinois State University and her Master of Teaching and Leadership from St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois. She has sixteen years of experience in both the Chicagoland area and Richmond, Virginia as a middle and high school Special Education teacher and athletic coach. Gwyn collaborates with clients to acquire a true understanding of executive function skills with the goal of implementation to promote personal, academic, and social success.

Upon relocation to Virginia from Illinois, Gwyn entered the fitness realm, working with clients to set sustainable routines around exercise and nutrition. During this time, Gwyn developed an affinity for working with the adult demographic. She leveraged executive function skills to assist her clients in recognizing variables that dictate the productiveness of one’s daily functioning.

Gwyn is a mother to three active daughters who share the same love of travel as Gwyn and her husband. At any given moment, they are either planning their next international adventure, driving to and from various sports practices, or pursuing their endless bread and pastry baking endeavors.

Alicia Malin

Alicia Malin


Alicia received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Spanish at Roanoke College in Salem, VA. After taking a year off of school after graduation, she decided to pursue her Master’s degree. Alicia moved across the country to Las Cruces, NM to attend New Mexico State University to obtain her degree in speech-language pathology. During her time in New Mexico, Alicia provided speech-language services to a variety of clients and discovered her passion for working with autistic individuals.

After graduating with her Master’s degree, Alicia moved again, but this time to New Orleans, LA. Her first SLP job was in an outpatient setting, working primarily with children and providing bilingual speech therapy. She then transitioned into home health, working with adults who were recently hospitalized including stroke survivors, dementia patients, etc. It was during her time in New Orleans that Alicia decided to move back to VA and pursue a different career working with people with disabilities.

Alicia is passionate about working with people with disabilities, including those with executive dysfunction. She gained experience working with executive dysfunction during her time as an SLP and while serving as a community support coach to adults with developmental disabilities.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Alicia can be found spending time with her dog outside going for long walks. She is an avid reader and can be found with a book in hand most days.

Karen Omohundro

Karen Omohundro


Karen M. Omohundro is a seasoned special educator, social worker, and current doctoral candidate dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With over two decades of experience working with diverse clients, including students in K-12 education, adult learners, and educators, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her role as an executive function coach.

Her coaching approach emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and evidence-based strategies. Karen is eager to apply her expertise and collaborate closely with clients to set personalized goals and develop action plans that foster growth and success. Outside of her professional pursuits, Karen enjoys the simplicity of small-town living and cherishes time spent walking her dog and visiting with her adult daughters.

Ashlei Peters

Ashlei Peters


Ashlei Peters has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a Master’s in Teaching Special Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. With 14 years of experience in education, she has served in various roles, including an art educator and special education specialist.

Ashlei is a dedicated and experienced educator with a passion for fostering learning and development across diverse populations including refugees and immigrants. She has worked with a wide array of students, parents, and educational institutions, bringing her expertise to both urban and rural settings, and serving diverse socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Ashlei creates a learning environment where students are able to meet their highest potential.

Adept at overseeing classroom curriculum, organizing academic resources, and promoting restorative practices, her passion lies in helping students reach their full potential and mentoring them while fostering lasting relationships with their families. Ashlei’s guidance includes inspiring internal motivation within students and individuals experiencing barriers, while providing them with support to understand their personal assets while expanding their repertoire of strategies as related to academic, social, life skills, and executive function needs. This approach enables individuals to overcome any challenge and help them achieve independence.

When Ashlei is not working with clients, she enjoys yoga, roller skating, and bike riding.

What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

Maria has a gift for a firm yet compassionate approach.

Our daughter is on the autism spectrum with ADHD and has worked with Maria since elementary school. She is now a senior in high school and has been accepted at her top college choice for next year. Maria has been a valuable partner in our daughter’s education by advocating for appropriate IEP services in school. In her individual sessions, Maria has provided our daughter with valuable self-advocacy skills for success in life. Maria has a gift for a firm yet compassionate approach to our daughter, holding her accountable to goals and strategies.

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Kate G.


Maria and Amie are worth their weight in gold.

Maria and Amie are worth their weight in gold. They have been integral in the success of both of our boys diagnosed with Anxiety and ADHD. Their ability to reach our boys and communicate and map out their needs to us in an understandable way is unmatched. Not only are they incredibly talented and effective, but their dedication to their jobs is incredible. We feel very fortunate to have found their services and are immensely grateful for their hard work and dedication.

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Taryn White


We have been clients with Maria for the past 6 years.

We have been clients with Maria for the past 6 years. Our son is on the Autism Spectrum and struggles with Executive Function. We have been so happy with the continued growth that we have seen in him working with Maria. She not only helps him but is a huge wealth of information for both my husband and I and our 3 other children in helping our son become the best he can be.

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Karen G.


Maria is such a resource in the community.

Maria is such a resource in the community. Her knowledge and experience with executive functioning has expanded my approach with clients of all ages, and helped me develop professionally.

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Adrianna Young, BCBA


Amie has been a blessing to our family.

Amie began working with my son while he was in ninth grade. He was struggling with organization and time management. His teachers knew he could do the work, but he often didn’t complete and turn in assignments. Amie helped him set up routines to organize his work load and break down assignments into manageable pieces. It was such a relief to not have to battle with him every night or argue about his grades and missing work. Amie has been a blessing to our family.

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I highly recommend Amie and Maria.

Our daughter has a complicated learning profile and has received therapy for her entire life. When she was in second grade, Amie and Maria started working with her collaboratively. As a team, they were able to create significant changes in her academically and socially. They have taught her strategies to help manage her executive function challenges and gain independence while challenging her to achieve more! I highly recommend Amie and Maria for anyone who is struggling to motivate and hold their child accountable.

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They are simply wonderful!

It is hard to put into words the talent, skill, and compassion Miss Amie and Miss Maria possess – they are simply wonderful! As the parents of an ADHD and LD child, watching our son struggle with daily planning and schoolwork was heartbreaking. We felt helpless. That all changed four years ago when we started working with Miss Amie and Miss Maria. Their unique backgrounds in therapeutic services and education and their independent approaches to each child complement each other and combine for remarkable results. Miss Amie and Miss Maria created actionable growth and support plans around our son’s strengths while providing support and strategies to address his specific challenges and needs. Their holistic and multifaceted approach has not only changed our son’s life and trajectory but also that of our entire family. The proof is in our son’s independence and confidence as a student, son, sibling, and friend. Four years ago, we could not have imagined the young man that he is today!

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Amie was instrumental in helping our struggling teen son.

Amie was instrumental in helping our struggling teen son. She is smart, compassionate, reliable, and organized. And she really knows how to connect with kids (and their parents!). It was invaluable having a professional intermediary mitigate the stress of an extremely disorganized high schooler. I would highly recommend her.

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Hillary H.


I would recommend New Agenda to any family member or friend.

I can not more highly recommend Maria and New Agenda. Maria is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. She meets families where they are and actively works to find ways for each individual to succeed and reach their potential. She is a fierce advocate and passionate about this work. She does not see barriers but rather potential. I would recommend New Agenda to any family member or friend because I have seen firsthand the impactful work they can do!

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Erin Cottos, DPT, Assistant Professor

The University of Texas Medical Branch

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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Do you take insurance?

No, all plans are self-pay. See our pricing →

Do you take students younger than 9 years old?

No, 9 is the youngest student we accept.

Where do you meet for sessions?

Based on the plan you have chosen, sessions will be either virtual or in person. In person sessions can take place in your home or the community. Your coach will help you determine the ideal meeting location based on your needs.

Do you tutor in academic subjects?

No, executive function (EF) coaching works on skills to help move students toward academic success and independence. Learn more →

Can I do a combination in person/online?

Please discuss your specific needs with a ‘help-line session.’ View Our Pricing →

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept online payments with a credit or debit card.

How do we access session notes?

Session notes can be accessed through our client portal

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