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How it Started vs. How it’s Going

How We Started

On a cloudy September day in Malibu, Maria and I sat watching surfers ride the waves in the Pacific Ocean while sharing the struggles some of our clients were facing. Among those struggles, there seemed to be a common thread. So many clients were treading water academically because they were doing all they could just to keep up with the workload. They were having difficulties with time management, prioritization, organization, emotional regulation, and staying focused. These problems affected our clients in their home and social life, at school, and at work. What if there was another way?  

So many of the clients we see were lacking executive function skills and were not being taught these skills in school. Thus, the idea of New Agenda was born!

We saw the need and decided to create the solution. Our goal is to focus on empowering our clients and their families to lead a life of greater independence. Whether you are a pre-teen, teen, college student, working adult, or senior who has difficulty with ADHD or executive dysfunction, New Agenda is here for you. At New Agenda, we offer the plan, program, and instruction for how to cultivate healthy independent routines that support prioritization, focus, time management, and problem-solving without being deterred by distractions or emotions. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds of experiences. Their common strand is that they are not meeting their potential to achieve. Our coaches will work with you to set personal goals and provide the support and training you need to master those goals. 

We invite you to reach out, share your thoughts, and let us know your needs.  With the new year comes a New Agenda!

Follow us on Instagram!  We are accepting new clients! Click here to get started! Intake beginning in March 2024 and a coaching start date of June 1, 2024!

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